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SentroMax Surveillance Inc. is a privately owned company based in Thunder Bay, Ontario. We currently provide sales service throughout North America. We support end-users within the Northwestern Ontario region and our installation territory will be expanding soon.

Since our inception in 2003, we have grown rapidly due to our superior product lines, competitive prices and excellent service. We believe that providing customers with reliable and affordable products is the key to growth and success.

Our business strives to provide state-of-the art digital video security systems, CCTV security cameras and other CCTV products and accessories of excellent quality at highly competitive prices. From low cost 1 or 2 CCTV security camera systems right up to high speed 40 CCTV cameras, dedicated, digital video security systems, our products consistently out-perform those of our competitors.

By selecting the best products for the job, we have simplified our product lines resulting in a selection of quality products at excellent prices. Couple our superior display and recording products with our superb lines of CCTV cameras and lenses and you get the most effective combination - at the best price possible. We keep a firm hand on innovation - after all, no success story can be without one.

About SentroMax Surveillance Inc.
SENTROMAX SURVEILLANCE INC.       149 Morrow Rd. Murillo, Ontario Canada, P0T 2G0
Tel/Fax - (807) 768-3284       Email - bernard@sentromax.com