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SentroMax PC based DVRs are not simply a collection of computer hardware, however - they represent carefully selected hardware and software components which are proven to work well together in the demanding video processing environment. Software, hardware and firmware settings are carefully optimized to ensure maximum performance without problems. SentroMax PC based DVRs can support multiple numbers of CCTV security cameras - from 4 to 16.

All SentroMax PC based DVRs include Watchdog technology for operating system monitoring and system auto-rebooting if an error is detected. All our PC based DVRs include a partitioned hard disk with all software loaded into a small "C" partition and a large "D" partition for video recording. A bootable recovery CD is provided for the "C" partition using system restore software so in the event of any software corruption, the "C" drive can be recreated in it's original condition without affecting any recorded video on the "D" drive.

Microsoft Windows™ XP is provided as the operating system on SentroMax PC based DVRs. In addition, system restore software is also included on all systems. All software provided includes original CDs and manuals.
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