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Our offerings of packaged video security systems cover digital video recorders, video capture boards and video servers with all the required software, CCTV security cameras and necessary CCTV surveillance accessories for installation and use. Each package provides a highly economical solution to video surveillance with all the benefits of digital recording, including recording only when motion is present and being able to access video from remote systems.

With our DVR and Video Server packages, it's as simple as installing the CCTV cameras, running the cables, connecting to the system and switching it on. If you want to install a video capture board and software into your own computer system, then take a look at Video Capture Board packages.

We realize that many people want a complete solution and that a "canned" package may not meet individual requirements. We would be happy to work with you to provide custom packages to meet your specific needs - at the same percentage savings as our pre-configured packages.
Packaged Video Security Systems

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