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Any Video Security System starts with CCTV security cameras. The images you see and record can only be as good as the images produced by your CCTV security cameras. Good security cameras produce good images and vice versa. There are several critical specification factors which affect the performance of your security cameras and consequently, the quality of your camera images. These factors also affect the price of security cameras. We offer a selection of CCTV security cameras to meet almost any situational need and budget. All our security cameras provide excellent specification factors, overall quality and excellent video images, coupled with very competitive prices.

In addition to our own brand of SentroMax stationary and PTZ security cameras, SentroMax Surveillance Inc also distributes Mintron stationary CCTV cameras. SentroMax cameras have been added to our long established brands to serve customer requests for types of cameras not available from our two original manufacturers as well as to provide good quality, economical security cameras to our customers and dealers.

SentroMax Security Cameras

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Mintron™Cameras: SentroMax Surveillance Inc. is proud to distribute Mintron™ CCTV security cameras. Mintron™ is a major and long established manufacturer of CCTV security cameras and produce a wide range of CCTV camera products. We have chosen to concentrate on the advanced "K", "V", "W" and "X" series. All "K", "V", "W" and "X" series CCTV security cameras utilize Mintron's unique state-of-the-art 20MIPS DSP (Digital Signal Processing) chip. These Mintron™ DSP chips have astonishing power and functions and provide a level of technology that was previously only available on Broadcast Grade security cameras.