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“Can’t Find Keypro” error when GeoVision starts up

1) The driver may not be installed correctly, please check Device Manager under “Sound, Video and Game Controllers." Make sure that you have the correct drivers installed. There should be no entries under “Other Devices”
The wrong software is installed for the GeoVision hardware. i.e GV600 software running with a GV250 Card.

“Recycle Empty” error when GeoVision starts up

This will relate either to the Video Storage or the System Log Storage: In either case the following is recommended:
Video Storage Location
Enter System Configuration
Make sure of the following:
- Keep Days is not ticked (This is used to limit the amount of video recorded, not to maximize it)
- Recycle is ticked
- Click on Set Location
- Select a folder on a drive other than C: (Windows Drive)
You can select multiple folders, on multiple drives

System Log Location
Make sure that the Recycle box is ticked
Click on Set Location
Select the same folder that your Video is being recorded to
Exit the GeoVision system

Run the GeoVision repair database utility.

Restart the GeoVision system

I cannot access GeoVision Webcam Remotely

Troubleshooting Questions:-

Do you have the correct IP address for the Geovision System that you are trying to access? On the Geovision System to go www.whatismyip.com to discover the current public IP address

If you are able to access the Webcam but cannot change the internet connection type? Check the active X settings within internet explorer on the remote PC. Enter Internet Explorer} Tools} Security} Custom Level} change all Active X related settings to either ‘Prompt’ or ‘Enable’.

If your Geovision system is connected to the internet via a router, have you opened the ports? By default these are port 80 (http); 4550 (command); 5550 (data) and 6550 (audio)

Is Windows Firewall ON? If so, create exceptions for the relevant ports (80, 4550,5550,[6550])

Is any anti-virus software or other firewall such as Norton running on either machine? If so, try disabling this software or create exceptions within the software for the ports required